Site Evaluation Summary

Site Evaluator: Shu Qiu, PA-C

With Shu being both my preceptor and site evaluator for this rotation, she did an incredible job of helping me become more comfortable with the surgery service. While we worked together on the general surgery service, we met twice to discuss specific cases. The first case involved a patient with a recurrent small bowel obstruction where we also review 10 pharm cards. Our second meeting focused on a patient I followed on the neurosurgery service with a traumatic brain injury. Shu has worked in many different positions in her medical career but has been on the surgery service the longest. She used her knowledge to help my H&P writing improve specifically in formulating a plan for my patients. Being that this was my last rotation and I will be writing for my own patients in the near future, she really focused on the concept that when you write your H&P, a provider that will come across your patient should be able to read your H&P and completely understand the patient’s hospital course. Ensuring that you have a sound plan also makes sure that there are no gaps or misinterpretations to how you want your patient to be treated.