Site Evaluation Summary

Site Evaluator: Sajid Mohamed PA-C

For this rotation, I wanted to present patients that showed my ability to develop a list of differential diagnoses that are appropriate and life-threatening if not caught in the emergency setting. My first case was a patient with a high-risk cardiac history coming in with chest pain. The second visit involved a patient from a high-risk population with an extensive medical history that suffered from a syncopal episode. Sajid taught our emergency medicine class and has experience as an emergency medicine provider at a well-known hospital in NYC, so I really looked forward to discussing my cases with him. Through our presentation, Sajid would help us understand how he would work through a similar case and what we could do in the future to help rule in or rule out conditions on our differential list. I felt evaluations for this rotation put a large emphasis on forming a plan for our patients. Many of the trauma hospitals across NYC are seeing hundreds of patients every single day and having a disposition for these patients in a safe and time-effective manner for treatment either in- or outpatient is essential to keeping the emergency department running smoothly. I really appreciated all of Sajid’s feedback on my H&P’s and look forward to using his comments to better my plans in the future.