Course Reflection

The two-part clinical correlations course really helped my ability to compile a more extensive differential diagnosis list while expanding my ability to take a thorough patient history. At the beginning of the first seminar course, I found myself mimicking providers I have shadowed in the past to elicit information from our mock patients. As the course continued, in conjunction with our physical diagnosis course, I was able to discover my own particular style of patient interview. As we were exposed to more complex cases, I was able to sift my questions and really use the patient’s answers to guide the workup as opposed to a shotgun questioning approach that is very common in students without the same level of exposure. I believe continuing to mend this style throughout my rotations will prepare me for any field I may work in in the future.

One of the biggest lessons that I have taken from this class is that whether you are a student or provider, you must become comfortable when you are wrong. It is imperative that you use what you have learned constructively to avoid preventable shortcomings in the future. Being able to speak up and explain your thought process is essential in this class and I believe it will be as equally important while on rotations. It is much easier to catch and learn from mistakes while in school and can be the difference in saving someone’s life in the future.