Journal Article and Summary

The article that I chose to share during my site evaluation was an introduction to the classification system to define the subtypes of an ischemic stroke. As I learned on the stroke unit, strokes are naturally classified based on clinical features along with the results of diagnostic studies. The problem with that is that even if the same vessels are involved, not all strokes present equally. This created a need for a study that made this diagnosis more consistent to any neurology provider. The significance of this article is that it lays a good framework for widespread research in testing treatment options among the subgroups listed below and would able to supplement further patient assessments such as the severity of both short-term and long-term deficits. The classification included five categories.

  1. Large-artery atherosclerosis
  2. Cardioembolism
  3. Small-artery occlusion (Lacunar)
  4. Stroke of other determined etiology (Nonatherosclerotic vasculopathies, hypercoagulable states, or hematologic disorders)
  5. Stroke of undetermined etiology